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We offer top offs between oil changes with our sticker.

Clean waiting areas, rest rooms & fresh coffee!

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Preventative Maintenance at Competitive Prices.

About Us

We specialize in full service oil changes and quick, easy and affordable routine maintenance for your car, truck or SUV. A properly maintained vehicle experiences less wear and tear and has a longer life span!

Our goal is to help keep your vehicle operating at it's best! That means more than just oil changes. Our trained technicians check fluids, tire pressure and perform other routine, dealer recommended vehicle maintenance that helps prevent costly auto repairs and reduces the risk of breakdowns.

Our quick service gets you back on the road and provides peace of mind!

We're a family-owned business with a history of concern for our customers, our employees and the community.

Even as he transitions to retirement, a normal day for Charlie, our founder, begins at sun up feeding his cows on his family farm and then heading to work. He's still usually the first one at the shop and the last one to leave, a sign of his continued dedication to this company.

He cares about his employees, providing opportunities for them to grow and advance in this company.

Charlie is a busy man but he has never forgotten his roots. It all starts with family and he shares that with all of our employees. He has picnics at his farm where we bring our families to play volleyball, horseshoes, ride horses and go on hayrides. Plus, some of the best food you'll ever eat. He's the first one to ask, "How's the family doing?" and he calls your wife and kids by name. That is very rare and just shows what kind of caring and compassionate man he is.

We can't list all of the things he's done in the community, there is just too much.

He was instrumental in reorganizing our local Chamber of Commerce in Jackson, MO. The organization was recently awarded the "Chamber of the Year" in the state of Missouri.

He is very active in our local school where he was a school board member for many years. He was the driving force for getting the FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) started just this month.

Charlie serves on the board at State Technical College in Linn, MO. He has been on a mission to create awareness about the need for technical training in our area. He knows that is the future for having quality trained personnel for our business as well as many other technical businesses like HVAC, plumbing, electrical, manufacturing, etc. is essential. He has tirelessly met with local school superintendents and businesses to try and get a technical school started in Southeast Missouri. He chartered a bus to our state capitol with all those people, as well as our local representatives and mayors to visit formally in the house and senate to show the need and backing for such a project. He is still working diligently to see this project through.

He knows our future depends on it.